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Vintage Bank Series Vol. 1 (Analog Lab V Preset Bank)

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Vintage Bank Series Vol. 1 is our first original sound bank focused on the Mellotron V. This preset pack includes 35+ original patches for Arturia's Analog Lab 5 and/or Arturia's Mellotron V Plugin. These patches were recorded with a variety of pedals and vintage analog and digital gear to give them warmth, texture, and color and then given even more texture with the Mellotron.

  • Instant Digital Download
  • Gear used: Moog One, Fender P Bass, Hofner Violin Bass, Epiphone Acoustic Guitar, Nylon Classical Guitar, a few toys, and a 1984 Japanese Ibanez Roadstar 2 guitar. 
  • Warning: Some of the patches can be CPU heavy. 
  • Analog Lab 5, Mellotron V or Arturia V collection REQUIRED